Frequently asked questions

Where can I apply to the strings program?

Applications are available at

Can I rent an instrument from the Symphony this year?

Yes! Please contact us at for assistance.

Where can I make the rental payment?

Please contact us by email at for instructions on completing your payment online.

Could I use another payment method?

The $50 payment may be made by check to the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. Please indicate the name of your child and their school, as well as their instrument in the memo space. Please send to P.O. Box 2052 · Jackson, MS 39225-2052. Payment deadline is October 15, 2020

I do not want to rent from the symphony. Where else can I do that?

There are instruments available to rent or purchase at the Mississippi Music in Flowood, MS. Instruments may also be acquired through Amazon or Ebay. Please send requests for brand recommendations to

When and where can I pick up the instrument?

Parents may collect the MSO rental instruments on Friday, October 16, from 11am - 2pm at the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra office. Please secure your pick up time by registrating at

Where will classes meet?

Classes will be held online via Zoom. You will receive an email with the respective meeting ID and class section for your child.

When do classes start?

Starting on October 19, 2020, classes will meet for two 40-minute sessions per week. We can’t wait to see our new and returning students!

How students should prepare before each class?

Students are required to have their instruments ready at least 10 minutes before each class, as well as logging in to their online classrooms at least 5 minutes before the actual start time.

Does my child need something else besides their instrument?

Students need to have rosin for their bows, and if possible, a spare set of strings. You can purchase these itmes through Amazon, or Ebay, as well as at Mississippi Music in Flowood, MS. Purchasing a music stand is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.

What is “curbside tuning”?

This service consists in providing assistance to all the students in the strings program whose instrument may go out of tune, break a string, or a part is loose.

How do I schedule a curbside tuning appointment?

Requests may be sent to to schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that all parents are responsible for purchasing the replacement parts before a curbside tuning appointment.

Do I need to purchase new strings if I rent an instrument from the Symphony?

Each parent is responsible for the purchase of strings or any other parts that may get damaged after receiving the instrument from the symphony office. For questions about what to purchase, please contact us via email at

Can I still use “curbside tuning” if we own or rent from another company?

Yes! This service is offered to every student enrolled in the JPS Online Strings Program.

Will my child keep the same teacher from last year?

Due to all the accommodations for the online classes, your child has possibilities of not being assigned to the same teacher. However, all the teachers are eager to meet their new students!

If I have a question about anything, who do I contact?

All requests should be made via email at Also, you may send requests via “remind” by using the strings class code: @stringsjps